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While doing interior designing for restaurants we focus on the layout because the functionality is a very important factor after that we focus on the lighting because it has an important role light helps to change the moods so focus on color and intensity. Branding is also very helpful because it reinforces your brand all the time related to your customers.

Restaurant Interior Design

Give Guests a Warm Welcome

Put your best face forward from the get-go and make sure the entryway of your restaurant is inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and on-brand. Establish a sense of arrival with unique signage and seating for guests waiting for tables, like London, U.K.-based El Pastór, which transports diners to Mexico City the moment they approach the restaurant.

Choose a Theme

Restaurant interior design ideas should be memorable in a good way, which is why choosing a theme for your decor is crucial. You don’t want to overwhelm or confuse guests with too many different styles to look at. Rather, your space should evoke a distinct theme, like the alpine-style Park Distillery in Canada’s Banff National Park.

Infuse the Space with Greenery

What’s not to love about indoor plants? They’re enjoyable to look at, but more importantly, they’re proven mood-boosters known to eliminate stress, and they can reduce air toxins by 87% in just 24 hours. Give your restaurant an infusion of green goodness by placing plants on shelves, creating an entire wall, or hanging them from the ceiling like Circolo Popolare in London.

Create an Accent Wall

The beloved accent wall is a go-to restaurant decoration idea because it draws your guests’ eyes to a focal point. An accent wall also gives you the opportunity to show off your brand colors and personality, and reinforce the theme of your restaurant interior design. Try using textures, patterns, or even objects like the Taiwan Noodle House in Beijing, China.

Nod to Your Location

Incorporating colors and styles that give a nod to your corner of the world is one of the most common restaurant decor ideas because it works wonders at setting a mood. This is an especially smart move if your restaurant is located in a tourist city or town, like Sisterhood, a restaurant with a beachy vibe based in Tasmania, Australia.
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Emphasize Communal Dining

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, your guests are craving connection more than ever. Create a communal dining space in your restaurant by setting up a few long tables in the middle of the room where large groups can gather, like U Barba Osteria in Milan, Italy. Your guests will be making new memories in no time.
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