Ceiling ,Flooring & P.O.P Interior Services

We also do ceiling flooring and POP for your interior design. When we talk about finishing a POP false ceiling design plays an important role in it and it is a really good idea for a home. it is a good idea because Plaster of Paris has quality heat resistance, durability, and is lightweight. So this is one of the best options for a house.

Ceiling ,Flooring & P.O.P Designs

Pop Ceilings for Bedroom

This luxury Pop ceiling is guaranteed to give you the best sleeping experience in your bedroom. The stylish T-bar, suspended ceiling highlights the bed, along with shielding it from direct lighting. Adding LED bulbs is the best way to enjoy a quick bedtime read. You can either go for a coloured element or keep it in white for visible brightness.
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Pop Designs for Hall

Welcome your guests in style with this splendid ceiling design. The Suspended T-bar style Pop roof reflects your unique personality and taste. Instead of keeping the centre element plain and basic, light fixtures are added to make it glow after dark. This concept is ideal for a small square-sized room and the colours can be chosen depending on the interior colour scheme.

Living Room Pop Ceiling

Check out this modern pop ceiling design which adds a touch of elegance to your room. The four corners of the roof are made with Pop suspended ceiling and in the centre, a hollow T-bar is added. You can add a wallpaper, textured finish or even coloured lights in the open space to brighten up the environment.

Kitchen Pop Design

Instead of leaving your Kitchen ceiling ugly and bare, try this minimally done concept. First, a metal framework is suspended from the main roof and Pop sheets are inserted into it. Depending on the height of the room, you can adjust the distance between the two layers. Plan in advance to accommodate the bulb fixtures, exhaust vents and fire detectors.

Pop False Ceilings For Dining Room

In apartments and compact sized homes, it’s not easy to have a separate area for a dining room. The best way to create an exclusive spot for this purpose is to show the ceiling variation. Instead of extending the living room ceiling, you can use a different concept here, like this Pop and wooden ceiling for easy demarcation.

Pop Design for Office Ceiling

If you are planning for a new office space or renovate the existing one, you must remember to keep the ceiling designs also in mind. No matter how beautiful the rest of the interior scheme is, it’s your ceiling that can elevate it. Here is one such elegantly done idea, using the popular Pop. The lobby area is highlighted with the extended element and the rest of the area has contrast colour accents.
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